Donnerstag, 06.09.2018
13:45 - 15:15
Seminarraum 01
Precision Prevention for Healthy Aging

Moderation: G. Fuellen, Rostock; M. Gogol, Heidelberg; A. Simm, Halle (Saale)

Despite the importance of precision medicine, the topic of precision prevention still receives little attention. Precise biomarker-based interventions should enable each individual to live a long, healthy life with a high quality of life and independence. For example, recent results on the prevention of cognitive disorders using lifestyle intervention, treatment of risk factors and medication management (FINGER study, PreDIVA study, MAPT study) show low effect sizes in the totality of all study participants. However, analyses in specific subgroups with characteristic risk patterns show clear effects. There is every indication that preventive measures must be adapted to the individual risk profile in order to increase their effectiveness. In view of the demographic challenge, precision prevention is thus key to reducing high age-related disease rates (dementia, heart, diabetes, and cancer) and long-term care. In this session, research towards the implementation of precision prevention will be presented.

Human Ageing Research - the biomarker challenge

P. E. Slagboom; Leiden/NL

Activation of the hexosamine pathway prevents toxic protein aggregation and extends lifespan

M. Denzel; Köln

Imaging markers for risk stratification in Alzheimer's disease

S. Teipel; Rostock

Healthspan pathway maps in model organisms and human

G. Fuellen; Rostock

The aryl hydrocarbon receptor promotes vascular aging phenotypes across species

J. Altschmied, O. Eckermann, C. Goy, N. Ale-Agha, J. Haendeler; Düsseldorf